Anarchy TV


Welcome to Anarchy TV - Simply a collection of videos/music/ideas that I like.

Some of the  older videos are collaborations/experiments/projects I was involved in -

most of the newer ones are solely  the work of the musicians and film makers in the credits ...

If you like what they are doing - go and check them out.

The collection is based on three premises ... great music, inventive film-making/animation and big ideas.

Throw in a bit of Surrealism, New Wave/Punk ephemera and a pinch of vicious satire ...

Some  people collect stamps - I love music videos and experimental film - this is my corner away from

uber-slick corporate vids with Hollywood production values - a place to get re-inspired about how

inventive the humble Video can still be - often because of a lack of budget - not despite it.

Enjoy - and if you would like to contribute, or get in touch - please use the link at the bottom of the page

                                                                                                                                                                                 Jack Laney 2017

All videos and music property/copyright of the artists















All videos and music property/copyright of the artists